Terms of Use
This text expressly states that this booking machine is owned and operated by TwinStars VIP Transfer Services (Twinstars).

By using and accepting the terms of use of the booking service directly from Twinstars websites or any other distribution channel, e.g. cooperating websites, you unconditionally accept the following terms of use, without any exceptions:

Terms of Use
Twinstars provides for internet users, direct customers and tourism professionals data and services offered by partner parties (transport companies, taxis). With these services the end user can make a reservation and pay for his personal transfer to various available destinations around the world.

Twinstars can in no way be held responsible for any issue arising from other services offered by the respective carrier party other than those offered through the Twinstars booking engine. In case you disagree or are not completely satisfied with the terms of use (either as an individual internet customer or as a travel professional), then you are not authorized to use this page / application in any way.

Booking Procedure

Upon completion of the booking process you will automatically receive an e-mail.

Reservation confirmation e-mail (voucher)
The customer is solely responsible for notifying us in case he does not receive it and to check that all the information listed in the e-mail has been entered correctly by the customer. All information entered or requested to be entered during the booking process is contained in this e-mail as well as on the last page after payment. Please print this e-mail and have it with you during the transfer.

Modification fees

For modifications or any changes that will be requested within 48 hours before the start of the transfer, e.g. additional vehicle, transfers for routes not included in the reservation system, etc. the company will make every effort to serve the needs of its customers but can not guarantee their realization.


Reservation cancellations must always be made in writing by email to the customer.

Important Additional Remarks

Our company monitors the arrival times so we will be waiting for you regardless of the delay that may occur. In the event that the driver and the customer fail to meet at the designated meeting point, the company will attempt to contact the customer by telephone.

However, it is the customer’s responsibility to provide the company with a valid and valid contact telephone along with the necessary international telephone codes, during the booking process, so that communication with the customer is possible. In case the customer does not provide Twinstars with a proper communication phone, then he automatically accepts the responsibility on his part to communicate with the company in order to meet his driver.

There will be no compensation to the customer i) if the company is unable to contact the customer due to a non-valid telephone number resulting in non-transfer ii) if the travel information provided is incorrect (eg flight number, arrival time) resulting in non-transfer as there will not be the correct data to monitor arrival.

In case the customer needs extra – different vehicles from those requested during the booking process (eg cases with a large number of luggage, appearance of extra people, etc.) there will be new charges according to the extra – different vehicles ..

Unusual requests that are not included in the booking system are always welcome and our team will try to satisfy them. Nevertheless, there can be no guarantee that these requests will be met.

The charge price for all destinations includes all costs, including the waiting time of the driver upon your arrival.

Data Protection
Twinstars VIP Transfer Services ensures the privacy of the personal data it receives.

All services, code, graphics and web design are copyrighted protected by copyright laws. Any use of this content without written consent is against these laws and is prosecuted. Content related to logos, trademarks, slogans, trade or advertising information may not be used Unless Twinstars agrees in writing with the other party.

Twinstars reserves the right to change or modify these terms of use at any time without notice. The use of the application is always subject to the latest terms of use that are evident and current on the internet.