Диктеон Андрон

Lassithi Plateau
Плато Лассити
Май 21, 2015
Критса & Лато
Май 21, 2015

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Dikteon Andron

If you drive up to the Plateau, then visit the Dikteon Andro. This famous cave is located above the village of Psychro and according to Greek mythology, Zeus («Dias») was born there. In this splendid cave, Rea took refuge and with the help of the mother of the Earth, she gave birth to the Zeus, saving him from his father, Cronos, who facing the danger that one of his children may take the power, ate every child that Rea gave birth to. That’s how, Zeus was saved, by the goat Amalthia and in order to venerate her he made her horn a universal symbol of abundance.