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The town of lerapetra is located on the south coast of Crete, along the beach, south of Agios Nikolaos and southwest of Sitia. In the prefecture of Lassithi, it is the largest town (with around 16.000 inhabitants) in one of the two best wine producing areas of Crete. Also known as the southernmost town of Europe, it earned the nickname “bride of the Libyan Sea”. That is the reason why lerapetra enjoys the mildest weather, with the least annual rainfall and a temperature that rarely drops below 12° in the winter.

The old town of lerapetra dates back in the Middle Ages with narrow alleyways, small squares and picturesque houses. The mosque, reminding of the passing of the Ottoman empire and the church of St George church which holds since 1856. lerapetra is built on the longest beach in Crete, offering an endless choice of golden beaches with deep crystal blue waters!